Foto de Vivienne Sarobe en su consulta

I began my career studying psychology at Complutense University of Madrid, graduating in 1991, it is a five year degree. Meanwhile I began postgraduate studies with professors from the Tavistock Clinic of London, completing the equivalent of a Masters in psychology, mostly clinical. My background is Spanish, English, South African, so I feel comfortable in both languages and several cultures.

I have dedicated most of my time to clinical psychology, both in the public and the private sector. I am very interested in institutions and education too.

I also dedicate attention to the media, through radio, TV, conferences, and YouTube. I hope my work can clarify what psychology can do to contribute to a better life style. That is why I am currently working with Telemadrid since January 2012 and Corte Inglés where I have had a psychology talk/workshop for seven years. I also work with Telecinco since August 2011and Telemadrid.

I see patients of all ages, in individual therapy, groups, combining group and individual therapy, families, couples and institutions. One of my goals is to provide affordable therapy and courses for an ample range of people.

I am currently consulting for City Country School to help build a great human team that will pass on values and learning styles  by implementing what all the people of the institution really feel and understand through their own experience. We learn through the intellect, buy also through feelings and actions. That´s why we have a Learning Group every week.

I also offer Business Intelligence Groups for firms. Understanding the psychology of human organizations allows us to improve ours and relate to others better.

I have published a stop smoking  book based on 15 years experience of my stop smoking workshop for Alcobendas Town Hall. I create made to measure workshops for institutions, big and small.

Since I work from a private practice, I am not able to help people with psychosis, schizophrenia or severe addictions. They are best looked after from an institution.

My latest video project, in collaboration with Simplicity Films, aims to provide made to measure videos with clear, entertaining explanations and motivation. I will create the video you need about any psychology related issue, either clinical, medical, institutional or educational. Formats and language are important. We have a lot of experience and are open to creative thinking. Please view our videos on Youtube: “Vivienne Sarobe: Three minutes to understand”.

My professional goal is to offer a good service to my community, to offer easy and clear understanding about what psychology can do for us and to create a model of collaboration at individual and institutional levels to contribute to a more humane and practical model of society.

In order to contribute to society and in gratitude for what I receive in life,  I run a free group on Wednesdays for people who cannot pay for therapy with money. Instead, they are required to “pay it forward” to three people of their choice and ask them, in turn, to pay it forward. The group has been functioning since April 2012.