What Is depression?

Depression is an altered state of mind in which our creativity, capably of enjoyment or capability to think clearly are tainted with pessimism. As J.K Rowlis put it in Harry Potter, defining “Dementors” ( as I recall): “…..a Dementor is a creature that sucks out even the smallest happy memory you have …. “

Depression is frustrating, and worse of all, it is a trap: you cannot imagine any other state, and if you can, you think it’s not for you or you have no clue how to get there.

Seligman spoke about learned helplessness, Freud spoke about many sorts of depression, including that in which “the shadow of the object falls over the subject”…..shadows, sorrow, restlessness, low self esteem, helplessness….each refer to depression.

It’s essential to detect the sort of depression you have. If it’s organic – from thyroid problems, anemia and sometimes hormones- you need medication and it usually goes away really fast. In most cases it’s either emotional or combined. Few people have severe depression but most people have several depressions during their life time and if you receive help you gain resources to become more resistant to it.